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1st Time Dave Koz Cruise - Australia and Tasmania

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The Top 10 take-away's from my very first Dave Koz cruise.

1. The most efficient check-in process of any cruise I've ever been on

2. The party starts as soon as you board the ship.

3. The party NEVER stops

4. Pace yourself 'cause there's a whole lot of concerts, talks, interviews etc. to see

5. The artists are so down-to-earth

-signing autographs

-taking selfies

-playing golf

6. Dave Koz will be EVERYWHERE!

-in the ships hallways

-performing; on week1 and week2 cruise

-playing in town of the port

-in Viet Nam after week2 cruise

7.Everyone treats you like family

8.Dave Koz has some real 'Ride-or-Die' fans

-attended ALL of his cruises

-will follow him anywhere

9.The gifts Dave gives will begin as soon as you get inside past the check-in area

-receive a gift a day

10.If you don't have the time of your life on this cruise you are incapable of having fun!

The iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Australia

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