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Before Setting Out On That Perfect Vacay...

Gearing up to go on vacation is so exhilarating! Just the sheer anticipation of it all puts me in the best frame of mind. Making sure I've packed just the right amount of clothes and the right type of clothes for the weather. Thinking about that long flight (either dread or delight depending on the flight class - business or coach), the final descent into your destination and Oh! all the sites you'll see. In all your fervor over preparing to leave on that bucket list trip make sure you don't forget to take care of the critical housekeeping items.

A few things to do before your international trip

1. Take a pic or make a copy of your passport. Save one pic in a folder in your email and send another to a trusted person not going on the trip. Google the contact number for the US Embassy in the country of your destination. You'll need this information if you lose your passport.

2. Arrange to have someone pick up your mail or contact the post office and place a vacation hold on your mail

3. Contact your credit card company to notify them of your travel dates. Nothing worse than having your credit card declined while traveling abroad.

4. Purchase travel insurance. Use a travel insurance comparison site such as Travelmouth.com to search for the best policy for you. Be sure to include medical evacuation insurance The earlier you purchase

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